2015: The toughest year of my life

It does seem quite a statement but it’s true.

Every year I have faced many different mental challenges.  But never so many physical ones.  15 months on from my knee operation, it has been hard trying to get back to full fitness.  And while I have made some progress, there’s still a fairly long way to go.

The mental challenges have been tough as well.  Never before have I had to endure consistent streams of bad luck and failures.  I know some use “bad luck” as an excuse for failure but with me, it’s genuine.  It has been hard dealing with all the setbacks that I have had this year.  But I feel that I have grown as a person and so the next time this situation comes round, I believe that I’ll be much more prepared for it.

So has it been all bad? No. There have been for sure some highlights this year such as passing my driving test, returning to field hockey for the first time in 10 years (albeit injuring myself again in the process) and seeing the Foo Fighters at Milton Keynes, among others.

However those highlights have not really masked the difficulties that I have faced this year and so I hope to learn from these numerous mistakes and failures and come back stronger as a result.

I feel like 2016 will be my year!

Happy New Year!

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