2019: New year, same me

So, we enter the last year of the “10s” decade.

After a busy and successful 2018, I’m ready to begin another year of the same sort of (good) stuff.

From spending days programming, to sport and fitness, to weekend trips, gigs and much more, 2018 had it all.

I always like to at the start of every year find ways to make this year better than the last. I felt that last year, I grew stronger physically and especially mentally. Probably more than I had ever done before. So performing better this year than I had done last year will therefore be quite a challenge.

I strongly value the importance of character building when it comes to personal development year-on-year. For sure last year, especially towards the latter part of the year, that really came to prominence.

In early September of last year, I was diagnosed with a strong form of appendicitis. Not that any form is pleasant but mine was particularly gruesome. And not just from a doctor’s perspective either! Although there was a huge amount of pain both physically and emotionally during the eight days that I was in hospital, I developed some serious inner strength that has propelled me to be where I am today.

After that phase especially, I really felt that I could conquer anything and that remains the case today. During my six weeks of sickness leave, I never once doubted that I would fully recover from this setback. I returned back to fitness training in November and for the last two months, I have trained pretty hard. Resulting in me being fit enough to return to hockey. After missing the first half of the season. Which from a mental perspective was painful to go through. Even more so when the team this season is doing very well so far in the league. And I have not been able to be a part of it.

For me, setbacks and failure define my overall success. More than actual success does. I would not for sure be the person that I am today if I had not made those mistakes and had those failures.

I hope therefore that 2019 will be an improvement on 2018. I am looking to end what has been a good decade on a high.

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