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So you wanna know more? Well, here goes (in a rather big nutshell)…!

I was born in Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom as the youngest of a family of four. I always regarded myself as the black sheep of the family. This was partly because from a very early age, I was diagnosed with autism.

While the autistic spectrum contains a wide range of behaviours and personalities, there are some similarities. One is that autistic people are very interested in technical details of a particular subject and also many have large memory spans.

In my case, I have a huge passion for computers and technology (unlike the rest of my family, hence the “Black Sheep” part). I have always been fascinated by how technology is shaping today’s world and the community that we live in.┬áThis in some ways, unsurprisingly, led to me pursing a degree in computer programming and graduating in July 2013.

Since I finished university, I have undertaken programming projects both at home and in the workplace as well as studied more advanced theoretical concepts of programming. You can find some of my work on my portfolio page.

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