Being selfish: is it all bad?

People think of the word “selfish” as being generally very negative but the question is, is it?

Yes, it is wrong in some ways to only consider yourself and not others. However considering others does have its downsides.  If for example you really want to focus heavily on a particular skill, then the presence of people can be distracting (unless of course, they’re helping you achieve those particular goals).

In some ways I regard myself as “selfish” because I am so passionate and driven to succeed in an individual sense that I almost disregard others and will, if you like, move them aside to get to where I want to get to.  I know when reading this, this does not paint a good picture of me but what I am trying to say here is that when a problem needs to solved individually, I focus 100% on it to avoid other distractions.

It seems I’m not alone when pursing a high standard in my activities.  Take footballer Cristiano Ronaldo for example. He is seen by many as being selfish (even his own team-mates and fans have said this)!  But then look at his playing level – he is without doubt one of the world’s best players at the moment.  I think some of that success has come down to him being selfish and focusing on himself and not others.  You notice that many of the sport-stars who have the same traits as Ronaldo are generally more successful, if not, remembered more in the years to come.  The good side(s) to being “selfish”.

Having read this post, I don’t want you to go out into the world and be overly selfish – that’s not what I’m saying here.  Instead I believe that if you focus on a problem without any unnecessary distractions (which in most cases are people themselves), then you have a better chance of solving it.

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