Campus London: an awesome co-working space

Back in early 2015, I had a job interview/meeting at this place called Campus London in Shoreditch, East London. At first I had no idea what the place was, other than it was associated with Google. But with many companies being associated with Google these days in one way or another, I couldn’t really go by that for when considering what the place would be like.

After doing some research using the Google search engine itself (no surprises there…), I found out that Campus London wasn’t just your average business building or complex. Instead, it was a place where people with a technology and entrepreneurial mindset worked together on either freelance and personal projects, or in most cases, forming a technology start-up company. What I found most fascinating though was the layout. It was quirky and unique and looked really cool and snazzy. One of the very few places where I instantly fell in love with as soon as I first entered it.

This interview/meeting also gave me the opportunity to see another part of campus that is not open to the general public unless one was working for a company on that particular floor.

It wasn’t until I had another interview at this place when I really got involved in the Campus London life. I was recommended by the interviewers to join campus and work in the campus cafe. I’m very pleased I took their advice!

Since then I’ve been a regular visitor of Campus London and really love working in the cafe that is full of like-minded people. It’s also cool I think to be involved in a community where everybody loves technology and the London start-up scene. I guess you would expect this if you’ve been reading my About Me page. 🙂

I hope to go to Campus London more often during 2016. It’s certainly something I would recommend to others who are either considering setting up a technology start-up and/or want to do some freelance or personal project in an energetic and vibrant atmosphere.

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