Fashion: not just for the females

We wear clothes everyday (unless one likes being naked – no, that is NOT me, sorry ladies)! Anyway, with so many types of clothes that are available in the shops and that people wear these days, it’s not just a hot topic for the females.

Traditionally fashion has always been a topic that females are more interested in than males. However more recently this has not been the case. More boys and men have shown a strong interest in their appearance and therefore menswear has become much more prominent in the last decade especially. As a result, there’s very little difference between the overall levels of interest in fashion between the two genders.

I myself have no shame in saying that I love fashion! I therefore enjoy owning a large range of clothes (even if I haven’t worn some of them for ages!). I just love the diversity that fashion provides and also one can really create their own unique look and style depending on the occasion. Fashion for me greatly defines a person both in terms of attitude and personality as well as general interests. It is one way that one can relate to another.

My favourite shop is Topman. No place I think is as good when it comes to selling cool and trendy menswear for the young folk like me. I also like shopping at Next and River Island. These two also sell pretty awesome clothes. However they are a bit more expensive than Topman and their styles are more sophisticated than Topman, which sells mainly loud and colourful clothes. My sort of stuff, as you probably guessed!

Fashion has a huge presence in the music and modelling industries particularly. Many of today’s top artists and models have their own unique styles. I particularly like James Bay’s style, I also love that he wears a hat literally all the time. It’s like one is magnetically attracted to his head! But jokes aside, that’s how he stands out from the crowd, which in some ways what fashion is all about.

Sooner rather than later, I’ll be strolling down the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street and checking out the latest menswear ranges. Ready to be trendy (and fashionably loud) once again for 2016!

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