Project: Hitchin Coffee Lab

With August being a “holiday-month”, I thought that I would make the most of this dead month by undertaking a new project (along with the nice weather and the Rio Olympics of course!).

This project involves building a prototype website for Hitchin Coffee Lab, a relatively new coffee shop in my hometown of Hitchin, in the county of Hertfordshire. The prototype website will aim to showcase the new business and enhance its ever-growing reputation with the local public. Before this point, Hitchin Coffee Lab did not have a website. Only social media content from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tripadvisor. So therefore I thought that a website would enhance the business’ web presence further.

The purpose of this project is to mainly build upon my portfolio, which has already improved greatly over the course of this year. But the more projects that I can add to it, the better! I also hoped that this prototype would be set the foundations for the live website that I was planning to build. Unfortunately I think that opportunity has gone (I believe that someone else is building it in other words…).

But still, I have enjoyed building this project. Although it looks similar visually to The Framing Lady project, the coding techniques used are slightly different. The main aim here was to try and build the website more efficiently compared to previous projects, which took longer than I would’ve ideally liked.

Details about how to view the project and website can be found here. Note that you will need to be signed up to GitHub in order to successfully follow the installation instructions in the “README.md” file to properly view the website.

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