Project: Holwell Village Website

This project involves building a new website about the Holwell village in Hertfordshire – where I live to this day. The website will aim to promote the village of Holwell more strongly to both Holwell residents and neighbouring areas.

The website is built using the WordPress Content Management System, with custom JavaScript/jQuery code for advanced functionality. I am responsible for providing all the design and development, with assistance for photography from Nat Cowan.

The original website was built back in 2010 using the Drupal Content Management System. However, I believed that it could be improved in both design and development. I therefore started 2016 by undertaking this project and have enjoyed it greatly since. This project has also built the platform for wanted to create better and more creative websites – a main goal for this year, as illustrated in my 2016 post.

You can view the website here.

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