More motivated than ever!

In September 2014, I undertook knee surgery.  This resulted in me using crutches for about 6-8 weeks. Believe me that was hard going.  Being very active generally, and not being able to do what I really enjoyed was damaging mentally.

So during the period that I was on crutches I had to find alternatives to help pass the time.  And then I bumped into my favourite subject –  computer programming.
I decided that I wanted to improve on my skills in Java and thought that that was the right time to be doing that.  And while I’m still trying to improve my skill-set today, that period allowed me to really get back properly into programming and thus I was able to stay motivated throughout.

Once I got off the crutches and finished my knee rehabilitation programme, it felt amazing being back on my feet (quite literally!) and being able to take part in proper training again.  Thanks to the medical team in my rehabilitation programme, I got a lot of confidence back to take up high-level training again.  I owe them a lot!

I hope to come back stronger from this setback and that at the moment is my primary aim.  I hope to achieve a lot in terms of fitness this summer.  Let’s hope for some decent weather too!!

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