Hockey: The long awaited return

Back in July 2015, I returned to a sport for the first time in 10 years – field hockey. Other than football, tennis (and table-tennis), badminton and cricket, it was the only other sport that I really enjoyed during my school days.

However, there was a problem with hockey at school. It was played on a standard grass pitch, which was bad enough for sports like football and rugby. Plus if you follow hockey, or know anything about the sport in general, hockey is never played on a grass pitch (although it used to be historically). Nowadays it’s played on either an astroturf or a water-based pitch. This allows the hockey ball to run more smoothly and therefore faster.

Brief lesson over. I returned to the sport and what a great decision that was! In the last few years, I’ve only really played badminton. While you can play with a partner, there’s not much team-involvement like there is in hockey. That is partly why I wanted to return to the sport other than the above.

So I therefore decided to join Letchworth Hockey Club for some Back to Hockey sessions. These sessions as the name suggests allow people to either try hockey for the very first time. Or they can be for people like me who used to play it at university and/or school and want to return to it. (In hindsight I really should’ve played it at university! But oh well…). I took part in the majority of the sessions and I really enjoyed playing in all of them.

I also enjoy hockey due to its fast-paced play and the health and fitness benefits that you get from that. Also the people who play it are very friendly and come from similar backgrounds and lifestyle compared to me. I have therefore built some good relationships pretty quickly overall too.

I was hoping to play in the 5th team this season but unfortunately injured my knee (again) in the process. But I hope to play in the 2016/2017 season in September. By then, I should have made a full recovery – fingers crossed.

Starting from Saturday 5th March however, I will be practising hockey in my spare time again to try and regain the form and fitness that I had last year. There’s a lot to do before next season but nonetheless I can’t wait to get back on the pitch again!

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