Returning to Sport (post injury)

It for sure is a nice feeling returning to sport again after injury. It’s been a long while since I have managed to build up enough physical (and in some ways, mental) strength in order to return to sports such as running and hockey. Although I’m only doing light exercise at the moment, mainly due to low stamina, I think that getting back at all is a great feeling in itself.

The most recent injury I had was a knee injury. But this time it was muscular instead of joint-related thankfully, unlike last time back in 2014, which was a torn cartilage. Thanks to physiotherapy I was able to identify that I had a weak hip muscles, which was causing my knees to take extra strain, especially during impact when running. Having done these recommended hip exercises, both hips are now much stronger and thus I am well on the way to achieving one of my main goals this year.

Some have also questioned me returning to hockey in particular because of the risk of injuries due to the amount of twisting when it comes to body movements. But in my defence – every sport pretty much has a risk where players can get injured. It’s part of the game (no pun intended!). Plus I’m planning to do more exercises that will help to increase my overall agility, which is vital for sports like hockey. This will reduce the risk of getting the same injuries again.

Later in the year, I also hope to get back into cycling. But that will most likely mean buying a new bike. The current is getting a bit old now. And while it’s provided a great service, considering its cheap price, I think it’s time for an upgrade. Luckily there’s a decent bike shop not too far from where I live and that is probably the place where I will buy the new bike.

There is still a bit of a way to go to reach my desired fitness level and sporting form. But I can certainly see the progress now.

So far, 2016 in terms of sport and fitness has been pretty successful and I hope progress continues throughout the spring and summer months especially.

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