The Magic Hour: 60 mins of unique and awesome trickery

On Friday 15th April, I was invited by Nat Cowan to attend a magic show called The Magic Hour. But this was just not any magic show. For this was a magician who is also Nat’s fencing coach – not two things that you would necessarily put together. But anyhow, that’s how life turns out sometimes huh?! 🙂

The magician was Tony “Sonic” Middleton. And he was superb, performing some very interesting and in some ways unique tricks. Wowing the crowd with every move. Now I’m not hugely experienced with magic shows. I’ve only attended two shows recently. But I was amazed by what I saw with this particular one. Especially as Tony did not make any of his tricks obvious, which is the whole point of anything involving “magic”.

Not only was the show fantastic and certainly something that I would see again but also so was the location. The setting was Hyde Park Hotel in (you guessed it…) Hyde Park in London – more specifically located in Inverness Terrace – between Queensway and Bayswater tube stations. Interestingly enough, the hotel was the former home of King Edward VII and the show took place in what was his living room – crazy and awesome stuff at the same time!

Along with this, we were greeted with what felt like royalty – a free cocktail to start the evening before the show. And after the show, it got even better – an after-show party with free prosecco wine and cake (yes FREE as well)!

With a fantastic atmosphere, West End location and environment and in what was described as “one of the most unusual things to do in London”, it certainly was but was brilliant. In fact, one of the best events I have ever been to in London – hands down.

One of the finest magicians I have ever seen

Sir Roger Moore

A worthy accolade from a big name. Says it all really.

Thanks Tony for the event and to Nat for the invitation.

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