The need for Object-Oriented Programming

Programming comes in a number of forms and for me personally, I have always been most comfortable with procedural programming.

So it is fair to say that initially I was rather reluctant to enter the world of Object-Oriented programming. However after reading various articles and watching many YouTube videos, I’m now starting to accept the power and capabilities of Object-Oriented programming more.

Mapping software around real-world objects allows programs to be more accurate when it comes to solving real-world problems.  The style is also so more suited to dealing with real-world data, a serious weakness in procedural programming.

Anyone who like me is used to procedural programming would at first find Object-Oriented programming a bit daunting and some may even ask the question “Why bother?” – I certainly did.  But having focused heavily recently in learning Object-Oriented programming I have found many advantages. For example, code can be reused a lot more easily and thus this reduces the chances of duplicate code being present.  Programs are more organised and with a much clearer structure.  This also means that collaboration with other programmers is stronger thanks to program code being more readable and therefore easier to understand.

There are many other advantages but I have found that Object-Oriented programming is the way forward and will continue to be in the future.  I hope to continue making progress with this awesome way of coding!

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