Top Gear: End of an era

Last night, Top Gear with the trio of Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond came to an end, and for good.

This is really sad not just for me but also for many people whom are avid watchers of this great motoring show.  The trio created some incredibly successful entertainment over the last 13 years and having grown up watching the show, it’s like a big part of my life has gone.

Even though the BBC want to continue with Top Gear beyond the above trio.  I fear that it will decline heavily in popularity. Clarkson, May and Hammond provided a unique type of entertainment for our Sunday evenings. Their boyish humour and banter really set them apart from many of the programmes that you see on TV today.  And while Chris Evans (who will be the front-man with the new Top Gear, starting next year) is a great presenter, I doubt he’ll win over the public like Clarkson has especially.

Having said that, Chris Evans has always had a popular BBC Radio 2 show and hosts TFI Fridays. While that’s all well and good, I don’t think he is capable of taking Top Gear to the next level.  Top Gear with the trio took the programme to new heights and with them gone, it can only go downhill.

Of course we are at this point because of the assault case linked to Clarkson.  Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of Clarkson but I really can’t condone him for what he did to his producer.  Assault is a criminal offence and yes he should be punished, rightly so.

But I have seen worse cases than his regarding other presenters and individuals from both the BBC and other TV stations.  One that keeps cropping up is Jimmy Saville. Yes, what he did to all those people was disgusting and unacceptable and annoyingly for all those victims, they will never get justice, because he died at a very convenient time.  More recently, footballer Joey Barton, who has been in trouble on and off the pitch and has also had a stint in prison for assault I believe, gets a football pundit job on BT Sport.  Now personally I think that’s totally unfair and unacceptable.  Why should he have any right to be on TV or even have a job for that matter?!

OK, I digressed a bit…but Clarkson I don’t think should be treated any differently from the two people above.  BBC may very well regret letting him go.  And the fact that May and Hammond have also formally resigned shows that Top Gear cannot continue in the way it should without Clarkson.

It therefore really is the end of an era and Sunday evenings will never be the same again…!

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